Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nudge - don't shove!!

A posting originally on the FASTForward blog commented on the Emergent behavior and unintended consequences in social systems.

While the author described emergent behaviours as 'unintended consequences that make you happy', this definition was actually created tongue in cheek. Of course not all emergent things are desirable. So, what to do?

Possible implications for managing chnage include the following
  • Focus on what is (the future being unpredictable)
  • Make small (reversible or containable) steps in the preferred direction (the outcomes of large steps being unpredictable and irreversible)
  • Move to a complexity theory approach and learn to work with emergence, that is,
  • Apply action learning (insightful questions) to the present in order to move forward
As the shampoo ad says, "it won't happen overnight but it will happen".

Update (2 Dec 2012):

Checkout this Ted Talk by Jonas Eliansson - different context - same principles and same message!!

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