Saturday, November 12, 2016

The two speed sport of schooling

The Aims of Schooling

To maximise the performance of each player, in order to
   (a) increase the success and well-being of each player
   (b) increase the success of the nation

The Rules of Schooling

1. Everyone at certain ages is required to join a club and play the sport regularly

2. All clubs play in a single competition

3. All clubs ensure all their players take part in the competition

4. Clubs are ranked on player performance using each player's "fantasy team" points (aka NAPLAN results)

5. Club rankings are published regularly on the MyClub website and analysed in the media

6. Using public funds, the governing body is equalising its grants to all clubs

7. There are two types of club which play under different rules imposed by the governing body

Type A clubs: Participate in the Draft and no Salary Cap
  • Select their players from those who apply for membership
  • Can decline any membership application without explanation
  • Can provide incentives to attract the high performing players 
  • Have good-to-excellent training facilities, transport, coaching and support staff...
  • Can de-list players who are injured or under performing
  • Set their own fees for player memberships
  • Can charge for added services
  • May require players to provide much their own equipment...
  • Can list players from anywhere, including imports
Type B clubs: Excluded from the Draft and fixed Salary Cap
  • Must list all players who apply for membership regardless of their condition, ability, interest, ...
  • Can only decline to list a player under exceptional circumstances
  • May or may not have adequate facilities, transport, coaching and support staff...
  • Are only able to de-list players under extreme circumstances
  • [Can only list players from the surrounding area]


  1. What other sports use "one competition - two sets of rules"? (7. above)
  2. Is the governing body making proper use of public funds? (6.)
  3. Is the governing body improving the sport or some clubs?
  4. How well is the sport achieving its aims?
  5. What changes to the rules would improve the sport?
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