Why "inSchool Solutions?"

Why "inSchool" ?

  • Because regardless of what is to happen, the required knowledge, actions and arrangements all have to be continually constructed (and reconstructed) in each school
    • Plans, policies, rules, regulations, goals and objectives... are all potentially useful, but 
    • Without a constructive response from those within the school, these guiding artefacts are merely marks on paper or screens, sounds made by people outside the school...
Why "Solutions"?
  • Because cause and effect are not always closely related and so many problems are not "fixed" by addressing them directly
    • Addressing some problems directly re-enforces them, e.g., attention seeking behaviour
    • Often solutions can be found/created that simply move the school to a better situation without doing anything directly about the causes of "the problem"
    • Counter measures are not solutions - they are rework but may be necessary in the interim to ensure immediate safety and ongoing operations
    • Solutions are sustainable (often self-sustaining responses) that make things easier, faster, better... 
    • Most solutions are simply about getting things right the first time